The CTSP market is by nature fragmented, comprising a small number of very large international financial service groups and a large number of relatively small trust and company management businesses regulated by, and operating out of, single offshore jurisdictions.
SIMPLE Group believes that there is an obvious opportunity for consolidation in this market. Since our incorporation in 2001, we have successfully integrated and developed business in four major areas: Fiduciary Services, Legal, Banking and Outsourcing.
This objective is expected to be achieved through the acquisition and/or consolidation of existing CTSPs or related businesses which offer complementary products and services and which operate from complementary jurisdictions.
At the same time, SIMPLE Group will continue supporting its subsidiaries by the implementation and operation of dedicated services so each of our subsidiaries can focus on the client’s development & business expansion. Here are a few examples of what we do for our businesses:

• We operate a centralised international invoicing & credit control department;
A single client can require services from different SIMPLE Group companies; he will still receive just one single itemised invoice for all the services. This is readily understood by the client and it reduces the time spent by each business in invoicing and in follow-up of payments and renewals. We just say business effectiveness! 

• We manage a centralised secure offshore CRM system and IT support;
A Customer Management System tailored to the CTSP market is a huge investment. Each of the SIMPLE Group’s companies share the same database, wherever they are operating worldwide. It makes good sense. We are constantly improving our own system and we make it available to our businesses. It also allows for communication at the highest level between subsidiaries and for working in real time on mutual affairs or with mutual clients. It’s both clever and simple!

• centralised legal and technical training;
In our sector, knowledge is the foundation. It needs to be up-to-date, cutting edge and preferably well ahead of the competition. So we make sure we provide our subsidiaries with access to professional external courses and group level internal training. We also maintain knowledge bases so individual expertise can be freely used in any of the group companies.

• centralised human resources dept;
As well as our own employees, there are those employed by our subsidiaries. We treat everyone with equal care. We want the best individuals for our businesses and there is only one way to find and retain them: a good human resources department.
With one team centralising CV, opportunities and career paths, we are more effective at this exercise and it can be done at a much lower cost than where each individual company operates alone.

• centralised asset management through our unique assets leasing firm;
Computers, screens, keyboards in many different languages, business tools, vehicles… The list of equipment needed to carry on a business is extensive. We operate our own leasing firm which centralises supplies, buying and then leasing the equipment back to each individual company as required. It is cheaper when we purchase the assets, and is totally tax deductible for our companies. This is basic business sense at the highest level.