Group profile

The traditional business of CTSPs is to administer and manage personal, family and commercial assets and income streams in tax efficient jurisdictions. The economic factors for CTSPs include demand for more sophisticated tax planning, particularly for high net worth individuals and those approaching retirement age, and the increased movement and migration of individuals.

At SIMPLE Group, we have focused on 4 main branches of the CTSP sector: Fiduciary Services, Legal Services, Banking Intermediary and Business Outsourcing. We started with 2 companies in 2001 and now own a majority interest in a large number of companies, highly specialised in their field.

Each business owned by us is a small company specialising in just one of the above areas. Each business complements the others, resulting in our unique ability to cater for each and every one of our client’s tax planning needs. This unique approach in this particular business sector allows us to develop individual brands independently while gaining a running cost advantage by centralising key services through the group.