FBS BANKING is used by FBS BANKING PLC, our intermediary offshore bank business. FBS Banking is an agent of preeminent international banks.

FBS Banking has concluded intermediary contracts with these banks with a view to selecting, introducing clients and processing the procedure for opening a bank account.
FBS Banking advises its clients where to open a bank account, depending of each client’s situation and requirements; and it then handles the opening of the account in the chosen jurisdiction. These services are very easy to understand and are readily accessible.
FBS Banking is the only company in the CTSPs sector which deals solely with the opening of bank accounts, which ensures that it’s staff are 100% focused on up-to-date regulations, procedures and banking services.

The colour orange was chosen by the designer to ‘tint’ this business. The logo of FBS Banking creates an image of an international banking sector willing to get closer to its customers and to provide a personalised and friendly service.

Please visit www.fbsb.com for more information about OFFSHORE & INTERNATIONAL BANKING solutions.